Images of Basil E. Bacorn Logo and Variants

Images may be downloaded by right-clicking, then selecting "Save as...".

Logo Usage


  • Use the Basil E. Bacorn logo to link to a Basil E. Bacorn site.
  • Use the Basil E. Bacorn logo in a blog post or news article about Basil E. Bacorn


  • Use the Basil E. Bacorn logo for your application’s icon
  • Create a modified version of the Basil E. Bacorn logo
  • Integrate the Basil E. Bacorn logo into your logo
  • Use any artwork without permission
  • Sell any artwork without permission
  • Change the colors, aspect ratio, or add your own text/images


  • If you want to use artwork not included in this repository
  • If you want to use these images in a video/mainstream media
  • If you want to access PNG format logos with transparent backgrounds
  • If you want to access logos for other Basil E. Bacorn companies


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